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2002 Drawing To A Close.

The 2002 season is winding down and it could be said that it has been a season that saw many changes. Larry competed in many different levels of sprint car racing this season including a very successful stint in the Sprint Car Owners of Arizona (SCOA) division. Larry also competed in several events locally at the State Fair Speedway in Oklahoma City driving the number 11B car where he won a feature event. Also, the Neighbors Racing Team made its way to several ASCS events throughout the first half of the season. Unfortunately a mid-season illness sidelined Larry for presumably the rest of the season. Lets all keep him in our thoughts and wish him a speedy recovery. Hurry back Larry!!

After a brief time off by the builder of this site, we are working diligently to bring you all the results for the 2002 season, keep checking back.

2002 Highlights:

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Looking good and ready to roll.

Larry and crew in Victory Lane at Devils Bowl Speedway.

Last Update: 9/17/2002

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